Third Social Worker Joins Time Out Room Staff

Bay Shore High School Alum Tagged to Increase Student Support


Ms. Napolitano

Caroline Baker, Staff

A New school social worker has been hired to fight an increase in mental health issues among students.

Our newest addition to the Time Out Room and staff of social workers, Ms. Napolatino, is a Bay Shore graduate coming back to help. Ms. Nap followed her passion to become a social worker and fell in love with the job and the idea of giving back to her community after her internship here in 2020.

“I knew that I wanted to be the person that people were for me when I was growing up here,” Napolatino said. “I’m a huge believer of change starts within, so I knew that to be part of something bigger I had to give back to my community first.”

Since the pandemic there has been a steep increase in mental health issues, addiction, and community needs among teens, prompting the need for a third social worker.

”Having Ms. Napolitano here not only helps us support students in need, it also helps us cultivate leadership programs like awareness weekend, cultural exchange, and the other amazing things we want to do for our students,” said Dr. Kelly, existing social worker.  

An additional set of open ears and a creative mind is expected to be beneficial to the students and staff. 

“We only had two [social workers] in the building and have two thousand children,” said Dr. Garret, assistant principal. “[This is] something we’ve wanted for a long time and we finally got it.”

The salary for the new position will be covered by state and federal Covid-19 funds.

“There’s ways to move money around and having those Covid funds allowed [us] to hire someone,” Garret said. 

The Time Out Room staff and students expressed their excitement and are hoping all students stop by and say hello to Ms. Nap so she becomes familiar with our amazing kids.” 

Catherine Lyden, senior, had only great things to say when asked about the topic. “Ms Nap has such amazing energy and is a very comforting person to be around,” Lyden expressed.  “She always knows how to help and give you exactly what you need. I think she is going to be amazing in the years coming!”