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Malpaso Dance Company Impresses Students

The Malpaso Dance Company

The Malpaso Dance Company showcased Cuban culture in assemblies for Hispanic Heritage Month. 

“I thought that the performance was so alive,” Kristen Henriksen, 12th grade, said. “Through things like this, I feel like a level of understanding can be created between students who culturally come from different places.” 

The performance acted as a way to showcase Latin culture to students. The founder of Malpaso Dance Company, Fernando Sáez, shared why dance is a significant aspect of culture. 

“Through dance expression, we can have a better understanding of our souls, our conflicts, our choices, and how we approach the complexity of life,” Sáez said. “Find space to validate, to legitimate, and defend the cultures we belong to and come from.”

Spanish teacher, Mr. Hernandez, who helped organize the event, explained why he believed assemblies like this are important for our school. 

“I really want to try and shed more light, not just with Hispanic Heritage, with all different types of heritage,” Hernandez said. “We just want to make everyone that works here, everyone that goes to school here, to just know that everyone is appreciated, everyone is acknowledged and everyone is loved.”

Many students reported enjoying the performance.

“It was very unique; I had never seen a dance performance like theirs before,” Kiramya Cabrera, 11th grade, said. “I think it’s important for schools to make assemblies like this to show students how other countries or cultures express themselves.”


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