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Girls Flag Football Team Set to Debut This Spring

Megan Carney, 12th gr, is signed up and ready to play.

The school is set to introduce a girls flag football team starting this Spring, adding Bay Shore to the list of districts on Long Island creating a space for girls to competitively play football. Over 40 girls have already signed up. 

“Having a fun ending to my senior year is important,” Meagan Carney, 12th grade, said. “The most important things you can take out of it are the memories and the people you meet.” 

For those wary about joining, Mr. Nevitt, who is the current boys varsity coach and is expected to be involved with the girl’s flag football team, guarantees there’s something for everyone by joining. 

“There’s a lot of great lessons you can learn in that game,” Nevitt said. “It’s a great opportunity to grow, and it completes the whole high school experience.” 

Coach Nevitt emphasized that the girls team will be just as recognized as all the boys teams. 

“We want that same standard and consistency with the girl’s flag team,” Nevitt ensures.

The team isn’t only about the sport, it’s about community, friendship, and growing with one another.

 “Essentially, you’re going to create a family where you have 40, 50 best friends already,” Nevitt insists. “It gives everyone the chance to experience the game of football.”

“It was so cool to see that we can have an opportunity to play,” Ally Winchester, 12th grade, said. “It’s cool to see a women’s football team brought to schools.”

The creation of a girl’s flag football is partially intended as an empowering place for girls to play football. 

“Just because boys do it, why can’t girls give it a go?” Carney asks. 


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