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Mindfulness Club


Mindfulness Club, new this year, will allow students to unwind and learn to deal with stress through activities, techniques, and working with others.

“Students have to deal with all sorts of pressure,” Raifah Sheikh, 12th grade, said. “It’s great that something exists to provide a safe space for that.”

Whether it be a freshman or a senior, students of all grades can experience pressure and stress due to participation in a lot of extracurricular activities and challenging courses. Mindfulness club can be the key to helping all students deal with this stress and be aware of their emotions. 

“I would go to de-stress,” said Madison Wolferd, 9th grade. “To try to stop stressing over everything because this is my first year in high school.” 

Our school has many methods of helping students with their mental health, and the Mindfulness Club will be an extra resource. The idea for the club started with  English teacher, Ms. Liljeblad, who hopes to create a mindful environment within the school.

“I hope this club will allow students to form strong connections with one another through mindful discussions and activities,” Ms. Liljeblad said. 

Being present, focusing on awareness of your environment, and yourself, can truly be the change many students may need to help them get through their busy lives. 

“Many students tend to not have the chance to be able to relax during the school day and even at home,” Luis Salazar, 12th grade, said. “I am glad that there is a club that allows them to do just that.” 

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