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New Spanish Teacher Joins the Team

David Burdi
Ms. Abundis, Spanish teacher

This year the school welcomes a new Spanish teacher to the staff, Ms. Tona Abundis.

Ms. Abundis, a transfer from our district’s middle school, has been teaching for one year, bringing her passion for teaching as well as her love for the Spanish language and culture to us.

“She’s very nice, and she’s very energetic for a Spanish teacher who has to deal with a bunch of high schoolers at seven in the morning,” Madison Nar, freshman, said.

Ms. Abundis enjoys interacting with students and making their days brighter. 

“Once you have a connection with the students, it makes your job a lot easier,” Ms. Abundis said. “Because I could just teach you how to say the dates in Spanish, but will you remember me just because of that? Maybe not.”

Born in Igualita, Mexico, Ms. Abundis knew she wanted to become a teacher from a very young age.

“My mom, when I was in Mexico, was a teacher,” Ms. Abundis said. “And I remember me going with my mom and helping her because it was basically just one giant classroom, and she would have students of different ages.”

This experience had a lasting impact.

“A lot of times she would ask me to go help the younger ones, help them color, help them pronounce letters; that inspired me to become a teacher,” she added.

So far, Ms. Abundis appears to be making a strong impact.

“She’s a great teacher,” Iyana Shelton, 10th grade, shared. “She is really nice and understanding; she is definitely one of my favorite teachers this year so far, and I am happy to have her. I look forward to seeing her teach this year.”

FUN FACT: “Other than teaching, I love photography, I love the outdoors.” 

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