Heard in the halls

A year ago, the pandemic plunged everyone into a world of lockdowns, masks, and social distancing. How has life changed for you?

Layla Milza, junior

“This pandemic has changed my life for the better more than the worse. When we were forced into quarantine, I struggled greatly. Not being able to see my friends, family, do things I loved, and not being able to work was torturous to me. I mean what was I supposed to do with myself? Maybe a month into quarantine, I realized things about myself that I never thought I would come to terms with. The pandemic gave me the time to focus and think about ways that I can help myself. I finally got the help that I needed and wanted for so long. Yes, I lost someone people and the core routine of normal life, but looking back at the bigger picture, if I didn’t have quarantine, I wouldn’t have blossomed into the beautiful, strong, and confident woman I am today!” 

Meagan Carney, freshman

“Over the past year, the pandemic has shown me a lot about myself and my surroundings. My stress and anxiety from just being stable at home have gone crazy. I would never have thought I would say I miss school and waking up to go. I miss feeling normal and not having to worry about the slightest things. Sports coming back made me grateful to see more friends and be active again being an athlete all year round. I have learned to be joyful in the hardest of times. ‘It may be stormy now but it can’t rain forever.'”

Gonyzer Foster, senior

“I  have gotten the energy and encouragement to focus on myself more and stay completely locked in with my goals which are to find a college to commit to, get a job, establish credit and continue playing sports. I have a lot coming up in 2021. I am so focused that nothing will get in the way.”


Daeja Augustave, junior

“I’ve had a lot of different challenges and obstacles I had to face this past year, but I learned to love my body and love myself and to take care of myself. I also found someone who is always there for me and supports me through everything and has truly made me happy.”


Darius Moore, junior

“Life has changed for me in that learning has become more memorization compared to actually learning, sports don’t feel worth it since running with a mask is a lot, and working out has been easier to do recently but at home wasn’t easy. COVID has made my grades better surprisingly, so that’s one thing that made it better. The worst, though, is there are a lot of things I cannot do the same way or with limitations that I used to and I’m someone who loves to go out.”